When You Should Deep Clean Your Warehouse

warehouse deep cleaning

When You Should Deep Clean Your Warehouse

The warehousing industry employs an estimated 3.4 million workers, so keeping their workspace clean and safe is a major task. Deep cleaning your warehouse regularly can help maintain the space and ensure you follow OSHA regulations for warehouse safety. During a warehouse deep cleaning, the cleaning team might perform special procedures, like sanitizing machinery, scrubbing the floors, and replacing air filters. You can deep clean your warehouse on your own or hire a professional cleaning company to service the building outside of regular business hours. In this article, we share some guidelines for scheduling a deep cleaning for your warehouse.

Regular Deep Cleaning

One way to ensure that your warehouse stays clean is to create a deep cleaning schedule based on the needs and schedule of the company. Scheduling the deep cleaning process in advance can allow you to warn all warehouse workers of any changes to their routine because of the cleaning crew. If your warehouse has only a few people working in it and rarely gets visitors, then you might deep clean it every three months. Warehouses that have many employees and often receive deliveries might benefit from a monthly deep cleaning to reduce the effects of foot traffic and machinery.

Busy Season

If your warehouse experiences higher traffic during certain seasons, like the holidays or the summer months, you might schedule extra deep cleaning appointments during that time to maintain a safe work environment. Large deliveries, using forklifts and other heavy machinery, can spread dust and packing materials across the floor and into the corners of the warehouse. Also, seasonal staff and delivery personnel can bring additional contaminants into the warehouse. If you schedule deep cleanings when the warehouse is closed in the evenings or on weekends, you can keep the space clean and safe during your busiest time of the year.

Recent Spills

If you’ve experienced a recent spill of liquid or solid matter in your warehouse, it might be a good time to schedule a deep clean of the entire facility. Whether you cleaned the spill yourself or hired an emergency spill response team, a deep clean can help restore the warehouse to pristine condition. It can also clean up any dust or other material left over from the spill cleanup process. To avoid any disruption to the warehouse employees’ workday, you might schedule the deep cleaning for the evening or weekend after cleaning up the spill.

A deep clean for your warehouse ensures your inventory stays in good condition and your employees have a safe place to work. To maintain your warehouse, it’s important to have both regular cleanings and extra sessions to respond to busy periods and spills. If you’re looking for a qualified team of industrial cleaning experts in Michigan, PROS Services is here to help. Our industrial cleaning services teams have specialized training and equipment to clean warehouse floors, disinfect surfaces, pressure-wash drums and other containers, and transport waste safely from your facility to an approved disposal site. Contact us to find out more.