Sludge Removal Services

Sludge Removal Services

Many, if not most, industrial service cleanings will require some level of a sludge removal service. Sludge is semi-liquid that is not compatible with standard vacuuming of liquids procedure, and therefore requires additional care and attention. The cleanup for sludge requires a more manual process which includes physically removing the waste with shovels, squeegees, and physical labor.

Furthermore, once the sludge is removed there comes the question of what to do with it. Some companies opt to build and maintain their own sludge recycling plans. But for many, these options are time-consuming and costly, which means inefficient and expensive — the worst combination! Even attempting sludge removal and disposal on your own is often not the most efficient and safe solution.

That is where PROS Services comes in. As part of our industrial cleaning service, we will rid your factory or plant of waste and dispose of it using the correct guidelines and regulations set out by municipal and larger governments. The proper cleaning and disposal of sludge, liquids, and solids are imperative to prevent environmental and health consequences.

We’re in the business of waste so you don’t have to be!

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