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Hazardous Waste Transportation

Hazmat Transport Services

Hazmat truck services are essential as part of a broader liquid waste management service. PROS Services will take care of your hazardous material disposal from start to finish.

PROS will label and identify waste in drums, find the proper location to dispose of or recycle the waste and transport the drums to the appropriate disposal or recycling services site. We can help with cans of a variety of drum sizes from small to the more standard 55-gallon drum, and a variety of liquid waste including oil, gas, fuel, sludges, household liquids, pesticides, and cleaning liquid.

After characterization and analytical reports are obtained we at PROS Services will assist in managing which transportation technique disposal site best suits you material waste and company needs, taking local and federal regulations into account. Our certified drivers will then haul liquid industrial by-products (waste glycol, oil, industrial wastewater, etc.) in containers designated for hazardous materials. From the moment we come into the picture, you can rest easy knowing we will take the work off your hands and it will be completed with efficiency and safety taking the highest priority.

Currently, PROS Services has two vacuum trucks that are classified as hazardous waste haulers.

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