Confined Space Rescue Services


A confined space is an area not designed for human occupancy or has converging floors or walls and one point of entry and exit. Confined spaces pose a risk to safety and confined space training is absolutely essential for anyone dealing with this type of emergency. You can rely on us to provide the expertise and experience to safely control a confined space emergency and do everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety.

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PROS Services is expertly equipped to provide confined space rescue support for entry into a confined space. Our team is confined space trained through Macomb County Community College and we are also CPR trained. Furthermore, a crew will standby at the entry point to provide rescue if needed.

Confined Space Rescue technicians are specially trained to ensure that the safety of your workers as well as make absolutely sure your OSHA mandated requirements are met. Our Confined Space Rescue trailer is outfitted with all the necessary equipment to safely extricate an individual from a confined space in the event of an injury or accident.

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