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PROS is an environmental services company dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our customers. While striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we maintain strict internal standards to protect the environment.

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4 benefits of industrial cleaning

Sometimes businesses don't give industrial cleaning the attention it deserves mainly for two reasons: customers rarely see industrial operations, and it is often quite challenging. However, industrial work areas don't ...
PROS Services Hydro Excavations

Why Hydro Excavation Is The Best Choice For Cold Weather Projects

If you or your company is located in places where winter weather freezes the ground, then any projects that involve digging or excavating are made more difficult, more labor intensive ...
Hydro Excavation

7 Cost Savings Benefits of Hydro Excavation vs. Traditional Excavation

Why Hydro Excavation Hydro Excavation is the process of using high-pressure water and vacuum to dig or excavate soil without damaging underground utilities. In cold weather, hot pressurized water is ...


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