Industrial cleaning

Industrial work areas are reputed to be inherently dirty, but there is a way they can shed this unhealthy tag. Professional industrial cleaning provides industrial facilities with the specialized expertise, tools, and equipment necessary for big jobs. From cleaning around heavy machinery on a factory floor and disinfecting biohazards in a laboratory to clearing out sewer lines, industrial cleaners render an important and much-needed service.

What is industrial cleaning?

It is the removal of dirt and impurities from any kind of industrial facility, such as storehouses, factories, warehouses, and large plants. The size and nature of these big facilities can make this important process a challenging task. However, professional industrial cleaning companies deliver high-quality results because they have the experience and the right tools. They can handle difficult cleaning jobs, such as cleaning around heavy machinery, removing hazardous waste, or picking up large spills.

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The industrial cleaning process

The process for each project is different, depending on the needs and requirements of the job. Professional industrial cleaners have not only the expertise to handle the project correctly but also the specialized equipment and tools for getting the job done right. For example, basic industrial maintenance services may include tank cleaning, pressure washing, or trench cleaning. In some cases, industrial cleaners will transport hazardous waste, nonhazardous waste, or solid waste with vacuum trucks, with tankers, or in drums. Some facilities may need sewers or catch basins cleaned out with high-pressure water.

Why is industrial cleaning important?

Industrial cleaning is important for many reasons, including:

  • A safe environment: Industrial cleaning creates a safe, clean work environment for employees, which reduces the number of accidents and illnesses.
  • Increased productivity: Employee satisfaction and happiness are directly proportional to productivity, and all three metrics increase in a clean, safe work environment.
  • Environmental responsibility: Many industrial cleaning companies make an effort to use green products to reduce carbon footprint and environmental damage.
  • Saving time and money: Businesses can increase their bottom line when they hire a professional industrial cleaning company. By outsourcing their cleaning, they will (a) increase employees’ time to focus on their primary tasks and (b) remove the additional cost associated with botched repairs and maintenance by non-experts.
  • Professional results: First impressions about cleanliness can be critical for impressing new clients and meeting the expectations of unexpected visitors. Clean premises can elevate a company’s reputation for superior products and services. Click here to learn more about the benefits of industrial cleaning.

Why PROS Services?

PROS Services has been serving their local community, and areas all across Michigan, since they opened their doors in 1954. They promote values like teamwork, continued professional growth, open communication, and cost-effective solutions. Not only are the employees at PROS Services licensed and insured, but they are extensively trained for any type of industrial service or environmental emergency. The organization proudly provides their customers with 24-hour emergency response services, from hazardous spills to confined spaces.

If you don’t see a particular service on the PROS Services website, please reach out to them. They are happy to accommodate any needs their customers may have. They love talking with area businesses, so give them a call for your cleaning projects.