When Is Hydro Excavation Required?

hydro excavation

When Is Hydro Excavation Required?

A popular method used among utility companies like water, gas, and oil companies, hydro excavation involves using high-pressure water combined with an air vacuum to remove or move soil to create a hole or expose something underground. Professionals increasingly use this process for construction, inspections, repairs, and rehabilitation. Learn when hydro excavation is necessary and the benefits of using hydro excavation.

When Is Hydro Excavation Required?

Although it’s one of the many types of excavation available, hydro excavation may be necessary under certain circumstances. Technicians performing hydro excavation primarily use it in situations when precision is of the utmost importance. Other everyday situations where hydro excavation is necessary include the following:

  • When the ground is frozen or is permafrost.
  • When the earth consists of heavily compacted soils such as clay.
  • When a worksite has soil containing rocks.
  • When locating or installing underground utility lines, cables, or pipes.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Excavation?

In addition to the accuracy of hydro excavation, the technique offers many other benefits over other forms of excavation, including mechanical. The following benefits contribute to the popularity and increased use of hydro excavation:

Minimized Risk of Damage or Injury

The precision behind hydro excavation and its use of water pressure instead of metal or mechanical tools help contractors avoid damage to underground pipes and lines while reducing the potential for worker injury. Water pressure is gentler than mechanical tools.

More Environmentally Friendly

Hydro excavation causes less environmental damage and creates less backfill, congestion, or disruption to the surrounding area than other drilling methods. Hydro excavation also disrupts less of the area surrounding the excavation site.

Year-round Use

Unlike conventional excavation methods, hydro excavation is possible during the winter when the ground is frozen or in areas with permafrost. Using high-pressure hot water can melt permafrost from the soil and soften the ground.

Reduced Liability and Insurance Costs

With improved excavation safety and damage control resulting in fewer worker injuries and damage to underground lines, hydro excavation helps to reduce the insurance and liability costs associated with excavations.

Decreased Overall Cost of Excavation

Hydro excavation helps reduce damage to surrounding pipes and lines because technicians can maneuver around them using this technique. The decision to use hydro excavation minimizes the need for costly repairs and further delays. Sometimes, the time needed to complete excavation can get reduced, resulting in cost savings.

Depending on your needs, hydro excavation may be a good option if you are looking for a fast, safe, and cost-effective method for your excavation needs. To determine if hydro excavation is suitable for you, contact a PROS Services specialist today.

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