When Do I Need a Catch Basin?

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When Do I Need a Catch Basin?

If you are noticing flooding and large pools of rainwater or that you are frequently cleaning the catch basin or storm drain around your residence or business, it may be time to consult with a professional cleaning and disposal services to determine the reason for the flooding or clogging. One frequent reason is the need for a catch basin. Below, we’ll explain what catch basins are, when you may need one, and the benefits of having a catch basin.

What Is a Catch Basin?

Typically found in older homes, densely populated urban areas, and commercial or industrial facilities, catch basins are devices or receptacles that act as drainage systems for stormwater and sewage that may collect around your home or business. Catch Basins catch and divert runoff water while filtering out trash, leaves, sludge, and other debris. Catch basins are also called:

  • Storm drains.
  • Storm sewers.
  • Surface water drains.
  • Stormwater drains.

Catch basins are found next to street curbs, in low or sloping areas of a yard or patio of residences, in parking lots, or in the rear yards of commercial and industrial buildings. They range in size and are made from polymer, brick, or steel-reinforced/non-reinforced concrete.

When Do I Need a Catch Basin?

While modern homes do not need a catch basin, older homes typically do and your need to clean or replace them after some time. If you notice any of the following around your residence or business, it may be time to consider installing a catch basin or replacing it with a larger catch basin:

  • There is frequently standing water around your property.
  • Your grass, turf, yard, or lawn remains saturated.
  • A significant amount of mosquitos and other insects.
  • Your yard, parking lot, or lawn is sloped.
  • There’s an unpleasant scent. 
  • Water pooling in your garage or basement.
  • Mold or mildew in your home, especially your basement.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Catch Basin?

A clogged, damaged, overfilled, or inadequate basin causes water to pool around the area around your home or business. A large catch basin can provide many benefits and protections, including reducing the chance of flooding by preventing stormwater, sewer blockages, and diseases spread by mosquitos and other pests. Additional benefits are: 

  • Significantly reduce the number of pollutants that enter the storm sewers.
  • They function as rainwater reservoirs.
  • Preventing damage to your property, particularly your foundation and yard.
  • Removing potential safety hazards.
  • Increasing the value of your home.

How Can PROS Services Help You?

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