What Is Industrial Cleaning?

industrial cleaning

What Is Industrial Cleaning?

The industrial cleaning sector represents approximately 30% of the cleaning industry. It is also growing at a rate of nearly 5% each year. But, what is industrial cleaning?

Industrial Cleaning Basics

Industrial cleaning services are cleaning services for industrial spaces. These include warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and power plants. Industrial spaces need more intensive cleaning than most businesses due to their high foot traffic and operational processes. That’s why industrial businesses usually use specialized industrial cleaning providers.

Industrial cleaning companies provide a wide range of specialized cleaning services including floor cleaning and stripping, the cleaning of heavy-duty equipment or machines, power washing, window and glass cleaning, restroom cleaning and sanitation, and exhaust system cleaning. Industrial cleaning companies may also remove construction debris and trash. They may also recycle plastics and cardboard for industrial businesses or perform basic repairs and maintenance duties. Some of these tasks overlap with commercial cleaning, sometimes called janitorial cleaning. However, industrial cleaning requires more intense cleaning duties and a higher level of skill.

The Importance of Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning can help businesses meet industry and safety standards. These standards protect workers and business operations. Unclean industrial environments can put the health of workers and the public at risk. Industrial cleaning eliminates bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. Removing dust, debris, and toxic chemicals can also help workers breathe easier. This is especially important for employees with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Thorough industrial cleaning can also boost employee morale. Roughly 94% of employees in the manufacturing sector, one of the main sectors that rely on industrial cleaners, say a safe and hygienic workplace makes them happy. When employee morale is high, workers are often more productive, less likely to be absent, and more likely to stay in their roles.

The dirt and debris that accumulate in industrial settings can also build up on expensive machinery. This can make it work less efficiently and reliably. Uncleaned machines often have much shorter lifespans, costing industrial businesses a substantial amount of money.

Essential Qualities of Good Industrial Cleaning Services

Researching industrial cleaning providers can help industrial businesses find the right cleaners for them. The best industrial cleaning companies have highly-skilled cleaners trained and experienced in cleaning industrial spaces. Their training helps them perform at a high standard and work safely. They have good attention to detail and take care to deliver the most professional results. They also have access to specialized cleaning equipment that helps them go beyond standard cleaning and sanitize industrial surfaces.

Cleaners should also be flexible enough to listen to their industrial clients and deliver cleaning services that meet their needs. This might involve tackling specialized cleaning projects or working outside standard business hours to minimize disruption to employees or operations.

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