5 Things to do in Michigan in The Winter

things to do in michigan

5 Things to do in Michigan in The Winter

Winter is a terrific season to embark on an outdoor adventure. With freezing temperatures that produce magnificent snow and ice, Michigan offers a wide range of excellent winter recreational activities. From enjoying the icy scenery to traveling down the slopes, here are five fun things to do in the Great Lakes State.

Fat Tire Biking

Take a twist on bike riding and explore the snowy winter terrain on a fat tire bike. Its hefty wheels are perfect for roaming across paved bike trails through Michigan. If your timing is right, you may even find a fat tire bike race. In Chelsea, the Waterloo Recreation Area has paths that extend up to eight miles. You can even use 24-hour fat bike rentals at the Noquemanon Trail Network near Marquette. Other options for winter biking include Yankee Springs Recreation Area and Winter Sports Singletrack near Traverse City.

Sleigh Rides

A sleigh ride is a relaxing way to explore the Midwestern landscape. Cuddle with your significant other in a horse-drawn carriage as it trudges through the woods or across a snowy trail. The carriages are also large enough to hold several passengers, so feel free to invite your family members and friends on a private sleigh ride. You can sip hot chocolate and snack on roasted marshmallows while enjoying an outdoor journey that lasts between 40 minutes and one hour.

Skiing and Snowboarding

With the second largest number of ski resorts in America, winter is a great time to get on Michigan’s snowy slopes. There are skiing and snowboarding options for participants of all ages and experience levels, with over 40 resorts throughout the state. If you’re new to the sport, you can rent equipment and enroll in a lesson to learn the basics. For experienced skiers, the resorts offer thrilling paths for traipsing downhill, including vertical drops and parks. If you’d like variety in your day or weekend, many resorts also offer tubing and sledding hills.

Frozen Waterfalls

During freezing temperatures, the waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan turn to ice, creating large icicles. Travel to Munising to go to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where you can try ice climbing on the waterfall. The park allows experienced and beginner climbers to participate. You can ascend as high as 50 feet on the icy columns in Sand Point. Another destination is Miners Falls, which boasts a 40-foot column and is accessible by skiing or trekking 3 miles from the trailhead.

Winter Rafting

Put on padded gloves and waterproof pants for a day of winter rafting on the river. You can paddle in a raft with your family and friends or join a group of other participants. Jordan Valley Outfitters, in northern Michigan, distributes complimentary beverages halfway through the water excursion, and you can spot wildlife, including beavers, otters, and ducks while traveling downstream. Don’t forget to bundle up with scarves and hats to keep yourself warm.

Michigan is a premier destination for fun winter activities for every member of your family. Schedule your next vacation between November and March to enjoy all the wonders the snow has to offer. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a gorgeous view of the frozen peninsula, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Michigan. Reach out to our team for more recommendations.