What To Look for in a Sewer Cleaning Company

Sewer Cleaning Company | sewerage workers draining the sewer line

What To Look for in a Sewer Cleaning Company

Sewer Cleaning Company | sewerage workers draining the sewer lineA clean and well-draining sewer is essential to keep a home or commercial property functioning and clean. But when damage or a backup occurs, call in the pros to come and assess the situation. You should know what sets the best professionals apart from the crowd, especially when you consider the sewer cleaning companies operating in Roseville, Michigan. Discover four qualities to look for when searching for a trustworthy sewer cleaning company.

Years of Experience

Any service company worth its salt should have years of experience within its professional industry. Companies that have served a specific community for 10 years or more likely have a positive reputation for getting the job done right and quickly. Technicians who have only been working professionally for a few years can still be high-quality professionals when they work at highly rated companies with other experienced technicians and team leaders who continually train them.

When searching for a sewer cleaning company, check how many years the business has operated, and don’t be afraid to ask about its credentials. 

Knowledge of the Equipment

Every sewer cleaning company should have technicians who are skilled and well-versed in all of the professional equipment to get the job done. That goes for trucks, hoses, vactor sewer cleaners, excavators, vacuums, and more. Ask about the equipment the team will use to eliminate your sewer backup issue or perform regular sewer maintenance. You can learn much about the process yourself so that you can determine whether the company knows what it’s doing.

Industry Licensing and Certification

Verify a company’s relevant licensing and certification credentials for its industry to decide whether the company has correct qualifications for equipment handling and workplace safety.

In Michigan, one organization credential that can show you a sewer cleaning company is trustworthy is membership with the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM). This organization provides high-quality safety training courses, in partnership with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA), for employees to better promote safety on the job and decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents. CAM provides in-class and online training in hazard and emergency communication, first aid, and OSHA safety training, all of which are important on any job for a sewer cleaning team.

Exceptional Customer Service

One thing you probably want in a sewer cleaning company is friendly professionals. Exceptional customer service means answering your call and providing all the information you need to make an informed decision, all with a kind, respectful tone. This service extends to the representative who takes your call or message, the specialist who provides an estimate, the technicians who visit your site, and financial coordinators who handle payments.

Emergency Response

A sewer backup or other incident can happen in a flash and at the most inconvenient time. That’s why it’s essential to find a sewer cleaning company with emergency response or after-hours telephone numbers that you can call to get service as soon as possible. 

PROS Services embodies all of these qualities and more. We prioritize excellent service in all areas of sewer cleaning and maintenance as well as customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our routine and emergency sewer cleaning services.