Sewer Jetting vs Snaking

sewer jetting vs sewer snaking

Sewer Jetting vs Snaking

With so much to worry about in operating a business, the last thing you need is to struggle with the smell, nuisance, and repair of clogged pipes and sewer lines. But when they happen, you may need professional help since the clog can be too big or too deep to reach with standard plumbing tools. The team at PROS Services of Roseville, Michigan, is here to help. This article explains the differences between sewer jetting and snaking as a solution for your clog.

What Is Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting cleans sewer and drain lines using high-pressure water streams, or jets, to clear obstructions and restore the proper flow of industrial waste and debris. This technology clears blockages in an environmentally friendly way without having to use hazardous substances. Sewer jetting is a tool for commercial, municipal, and residential sewer drains. 

Jetting sewer lines involves injecting water at a high pressure of 1,500 psi to 4,000 psi to break the blockage and send clogs, dirt, and debris on their way down the drain. Applications of sewer-line jetting will vary based on the pipe size and the obstruction. Sewer-line jetting is often referred to as water jetting or hydro jetting a sewer line.

What Is Snaking?

In contrast, you can also dislodge sewer and drain obstructions using a mechanical tool known as the snake. Plumbing snakes come in various formats, but these are generally devices that provide the same or similar functionality as a hand auger. The snake consists of a long, durable wire or metal cable wound tightly as a spring around a central hand-operated tool. Plumbers twist the snake deep into the drain to reach the clog and dislodge it either by pulling it out or breaking it up so it can be washed away down the drain. While snakes are common household tools, they also come in a larger format with motors and can be applied to more industrial-sized drains.

Sewer Jetting vs. Snaking

Whether you use sewer jetting or snaking depends on several factors, such as the drain size, the blockage, and the material causing the blockage. For instance, a snake may not be effective in a drain line besieged by root infestation. Snakes are generally most effective with softer clogs from toilet paper, hair, or food. 

Sewer jetting is best used for more stubborn and more challenging blockages. Make sure you are not jetting sewer lines made of older cast iron pipes and fittings or pipes in crawl spaces (which might lead to a flood). Hydro-jetting may also be faster than snaking, as you can completely clear a clog in about 60 minutes.

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Serving customers since 1954, PROS Services provides environmental, industrial, and emergency response services. Whether sewer jetting or snaking is the right tool, our team will study your project and aim to propose a cost-effective solution for the disposal of used oil, coolants, water, solids, sludge, hazardous, flammable, and non-hazardous wastes. Our team, including project managers, drivers, environmental technicians, and others, have extensive training on all industrial service projects or environmental emergencies that may occur, with required licensing and necessary insurance. PROS also offers a 24-hour emergency response. Call us or contact us online to discuss your situation.