Safety First: Seven Required Items For A Confined Space Rescue Equipment Checklist

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Safety First: Seven Required Items For A Confined Space Rescue Equipment Checklist

In many industrial operations, commercial activities and even some residential projects where a space is designated as a Confined Space, it is essential to have the equipment necessary to be able to carry out a rescue, if and when necessary. Confined Spaces such as sewers, boilers, tunnels or tanks require a permit. If you have a Permit Required Confined Space, OSHA requires you to have a Confined Space Rescue Team on standby, in case of trapped or enclosed workers.

Whether onsite or on standby, a Confined Space Rescue Team is a trained team of personnel providing rescue services and rescue equipment, including personal protective equipment, first aid and trauma kits, retrieval equipment, and other emergency support systems.

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Some of the emergency rescue situations could occur due to earthquakes, construction accidents, or support failures.

For your rescue team to be able to enter and operate safely, consider the following checklist: 

  • Ropes, ½ inch, strength 9,000 lbs.
  • Harness, full-body nylon webbed
  • Tripods, 9 feet or taller
  • Winches, retractable, for non-entry rescues
  • Ventilation systems, to control hazardous materials
  • Lockout Tagout, for when entrance covers are removed
  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

This is a sample checklist from OSHA consisting of the most commonly used set of equipment, however you may need additional equipment depending on the specific type of Confined Space.

Because of the high possibility of deaths that could occur in Confined Spaces, always ensure that your team has an entry and exit strategy, as well as a rescue strategy at all times.