Daylighting Excavation: What Is It?

daylighting excavation

Daylighting Excavation: What Is It?

Daylight excavation is a relatively new and innovative method that is quickly gaining popularity in the construction industry. But what is daylight excavation, and how does it work? Discover what daylight excavation involves and how it differs from traditional excavation methods, plus explore the benefits of daylighting excavation and how it can help save time and money. 

What Is Daylighting Excavation and How Does It Work?

Daylighting excavation is a construction technique that uses hydrovac equipment to excavate an area without damaging the surrounding landscape. The hydrovac system consists of a truck-mounted vacuum pump and a series of powerful hoses. The operator directs the hoses to the excavation site, and the pump sucks up the soil and debris.

Operators use the hydrovac system in sensitive areas near pipelines or power lines, where conventional excavating methods are too risky. Daylighting excavation is a safe and efficient way to expose buried utilities without causing damage to the surrounding landscape. 

What Are the Benefits of Daylighting Excavation?

Using daylight excavation provides many benefits. However, some of the most notable benefits include the following:


Since a hydrovac truck uses water instead of heavy machinery, workers have less risk for injury. In addition, hydro excavation techniques can work in confined spaces without the fear of harming nearby structures or underground utilities.


Daylighting using a hydrovac truck is up to four times more efficient than conventional methods. Consequently, excavation jobs take less time to complete and create minor inconveniences to the public.


Hydrovac equipment can work in various settings, especially in remote locations and frozen areas where other machines cannot operate. Additionally, operators can extend the hoses to access hard-to-reach places, making them ideal for cleaning and excavating drain pipes and sewer lines.


Traditional excavation methods can be expensive, particularly if special equipment is required. Daylighting excavation is a much more cost-effective option since water use minimizes wear and tear on equipment, translating to fewer repairs and a lower overall cost. The savings in time also leads to a lower cost of labor.


Water use minimizes the disturbance to natural ecosystems, and a hydrovac’s suction power can help remediate contaminated soils. In addition, hydro excavation processes generate very little waste, as most excavated material gets returned to the excavation site.

How To Choose a Daylighting Excavation Contractor

When choosing a daylight excavation contractor, you must consider a few factors, such as experience, cost, and safety.

  • Experience: An experienced contractor will ensure that the job is done correctly and can complete the project quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost: Get quotes from several contractors to compare prices. Be sure to ask about any hidden costs associated with the project.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount when choosing a daylighting excavation contractor. Ensure that the contractor has a good safety record and will use the latest safety equipment.

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