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PROS is an environmental services company dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our customers. While striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we maintain strict internal standards to protect the environment.

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Decommissioned industrial plant in Detroit, representing potential sites for Hazardous Waste Innovations to revitalize and ensure environmental safety.

The Future of Environmental Safety with PROs Services’ Hazardous Waste Innovations in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan, a city historically known for its robust industrial sector, has faced significant environmental challenges over the years. However, innovative strategies and technologies are transforming the landscape of environmental ...
Ventilation duct and air vent in an industrial confined space, indicative of the complex environments Detroit Confined Space Emergency Response teams operate in.

Confined Space Emergency Response in Detroit – How PROs Services Enhance Worker Safety

Confined spaces in Detroit pose unique hazards, requiring specialized emergency response services. Industrial sites often have tanks, silos, or ductwork that, while not designed for continuous worker occupancy, must occasionally ...
Hazardous waste leaching from industrial buildings in Detroit, highlighting the need for PROs Services' waste management solutions.

How PROs Services Safeguards the Environment

Hazardous waste poses a significant threat to the environment, particularly in urban areas like Detroit where industrial activity has a long history. The management and disposal of such waste is ...


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