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PROS is an environmental services company dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our customers. While striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we maintain strict internal standards to protect the environment.

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A worker in protective gear navigating a cramped, dimly-lit confined space in Detroit, emphasizing the importance of confined space work safety measures.

Expert Strategies for Confined Space Work Safety in Detroit by PROs Services

Confined space work safety in Detroit requires rigorous protocols and expert knowledge to manage the unique hazards these environments present. Confined spaces are not designed for continuous occupancy and often ...
A pile of industrial waste with metal scraps and chemical containers at a recycling facility in Detroit, emphasizing the need for effective Industrial Waste Management in Detroit.

The Role of PROs Services in Detroit’s Industrial Waste Management

Detroit, a city known for its rich industrial heritage, faces significant challenges in managing the vast amounts of industrial waste generated. The complexities associated with the disposal and treatment of ...
A variety of colorful industrial containers for hazardous waste management, including blue, red, and yellow drums and jugs, some with hazard labels, properly stored for environmental safety compliance.

Ensuring Environmental Compliance: A Guide to Hazardous Waste Management in Detroit with PROs Services

Managing hazardous waste is a critical challenge for businesses in Detroit. With stringent environmental laws and the need for sustainable practices, it's imperative for companies to adhere to the highest ...


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