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PROS is an environmental services company dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our customers. While striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we maintain strict internal standards to protect the environment.

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Practicing safety measures in the pursuit of a greener Hazardous waste management is providing benefits beyond just the near future.

Sustainable Detroit: How PROs Services Manages Hazardous Waste for a Greener Tomorrow

Detroit, known for its rich industrial history, is on a transformative journey towards sustainability. At the heart of this transformation is the management of hazardous waste, a critical aspect often ...
Safety in the workplace with decades of experience in Southeast Michigan since 1954.

Saving Lives in Tight Spaces: How Detroit’s Industries Benefit from Professional Confined Space Rescue Services

In Detroit's industrial landscape, the presence of confined spaces poses significant risks to workers. However, with professional confined space rescue services readily available, industries can ensure the safety and well-being ...

Navigating Detroit’s Industrial Landscape: The Essential Guide to Hazardous Waste Compliance

In Detroit's bustling industrial sectors, ensuring compliance with hazardous waste regulations is paramount to maintaining environmental standards and avoiding legal pitfalls. This comprehensive guide provides insights into navigating hazardous waste ...


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